About Us

I'm a Mother to four kids, two boys and two girls. Besides sewing, knitting and crocheting are my favorite hobbies! I'm a grandma as well, but I have 'granddogs' (two boxers, Maggie and Stinky!) rather than grandkids. They keep me company while the kids are at work and school.

I've always loved creating things, ever since I was a little girl. I would stay up for hours embroidering/hand-sewing pieces of fabric together. It was therapeautic for me, and I could always feel accomplished because I was able to make something myself. After I got married and the kids grew up, I had more time to myself and decided to pick up my hobbies again. When I realized I could make money doing what I love, Boojiboo started!

Boojiboo actually began as a raggedy-ann doll company created by me. After a few years, my children decided it was finally time to appeal to a different demographic (their generation). Always having a love for vintage and retro fashion, they suggested vintage inspired aprons, and when they began school that required many books, they suggested bags! Fast forward a few years, Boojiboo is now a family company that sells vintage inspired aprons for women and children, book bags, market bags, tea towels, and baby bibs!

Since boojiboo has taken off, I can no longer handle sewing by myself. I still do the majority of the work, but my two daughters will help me when they see I need it. Especially during the holidays and craft show season! The rest of the time, they help me with custom orders, answering convos/emails, and listing as I am technologically illiterate. My daughters also have a say in the overall design of an apron, and ultimately give the 'yay' or 'nay'. They sort of guarantee the aprons will appeal to all generations and not just mine. But I do the rest, including packing, shipping, and the funnest part of it, fabric shopping!