Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May I Introduce to you...

Maggie and Stinky!

These are the two dogs that you see in nearly all of our listings. They are the loves of our lives! Both are about two years old and came from the same litter, Maggie is the fawn boxer and Stinky is the white boxer. We cannot imagine our lives without them, they always put a smile on our faces!

Here we have Maggie, AKA Maggie Waggie, Princess, Su Mai, Meatball, or Pretty. She cannot stand the camera which is why most of the time there is no eye contact or her head is turned... If there ever is a full on head shot, it was because I had to be a camera ninja. She is the EXACT opposite of her brother, very independent but just as cute! She has an impressive vocabulary and is so far able to understand the words "chicken", "ice cream", "ribs", "rice", "sleep", "shower", and "move". Maggie knows a few phrases, too! "Just kidding" (she'll go back to what she was doing before I told her to move), "Where's Stinky? (she'll find him)", and "Where's [insert person's name here]?" and she'll find them! I consider her a modern day Lassie... haha!
Next we have Stinky, AKA Stinky Winky, Boy Boy, Lechito, or Har Gow. He is an absolute HAM, he loves attention and will pretend to love you the most, right up until he leaves you because someone else has a treat in their hand. Stinky follows his sister's lead as he is deaf. Sometimes we forget though, most of the time he is the first one to 'sense' our presence! He is very 'delicate', sometimes refusing to step in puddles...he will then wait for one of us to carry him. You read that right. We will CARRY him over puddles. I think you'd cave, too, especially if he gave you 'the look'. And unlike his sister, he loves loves loves the camera! He is usually able to weasel his way into the main apron shots... We would hate to hurt his self-esteem, so we humor him. But like all models, he has his off days.
and there you have it, the children of Boojiboo, Maggie and Stinky.

-Boojiboo :)


Megan said...

They are adorable!!

I alsready have 2 cats and jsut don't have enough space in my apt yet for a doggie, but I plan to get one someday!

Thanks for sharing :)

Mable Cakes said...

I love dogs! Post more pics!

Scrap It Up (a.k.a. Kendahl) said...

Awwwww they are SO cute!