Monday, May 11, 2009


Mondays are the most awkward days of the week at the post office...

We have all the weekend sales plus the early morning sales packed and in hand as we walk through those ridiculously tiny post office doors. Not to mention the stares we get after all the commotion we make trying to fit through them. This happens every single Monday. You would think they'd be used to us by now. Nope.

I still wasn't done packing when these pictures were taken.

But don't get me wrong, i love going to the post office. It gives me time to listen to music in the car. Adam Lambert's rendition of "If i can't have you" has been on repeat FOREVER. Does that make me lame?

Now, I wish I could share an epic saga where pirates try and take over boojiboo and steal our sewing machines for collateral, demanding we give them our apron patterns... But I can't. That's ridiculous.

So sadly, this is exciting as this post gets. ;)

Make sure to check the blog next week, there will be another apron giveaway!

Have a fantastic Monday evening!
-boojiboo :)

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