Monday, July 13, 2009

Bitsy the Deer!

A few years ago I acquired a Japanese craft book. In it was a beyond-cute toy pattern--a deer! I had some spare time and decided to make one.

I made it with a scrap bandanna and some felt. It was not fun to sew, and took much longer than expected. Turning the legs and neck inside out was a real pain since they were so skinny... But I am quite pleased with it!

I added bows to each ear and eventually added a big one to the neck. Sadly, I've misplaced my button jar so for now, she shall remain eyeless.

The book advises you to put metal wire in the feet--being the rebel i am, I didn't... and now her legs are too weak to support her body, thanks to the massive un-proportionate head. I had to use a metal ring to hold the legs together, allowing her to stand up straight on her own. Another day I'll have to do some 'surgery' and add wire to the legs.

I named her Bitsy!

Has anyone taken a stab at these japanese felt/vinyl toys? Any suggestions?

-boojiboo :)


Trish said...

Love this little deer!! I am a wimp and probably won't tackle anything like this for a long time :) Working on one skill at a time!

My post about you is here:

Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Super cute. Very "Martha Stewart Holiday Edition" I love the 'bubble head' it reminds me of those old-school Rudolph cartoons.