Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bright Side Project

Hi Everyone!

We have another apron giveaway going on... except there will be TWO winners!

The Bright Side Project is a wonderful site that offers regular people chances to win amazing things, every single day!!! To enter each competition, all you have to do is answer a question.

Boojiboo decided to ask,
What is the one thing you find beautiful and why?
Please do not leave your answer in a comment on our post, but as a comment on THIS post.

and don't forget, the giveaway on thegiveawaydiva is STILL going on :)

For all you tech-savvy people, boojiboo has a facebook so become a fan! It was just started, we will try and update it with photos and upcoming events soon :)

Happy Thursday!
-boojiboo :)


Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I"ve been wondering exactly what the Bright Side Project was, so I'll have to go check that out!!!

Penelope said...

It's so kind of you to donate your beautiful aprons!!

Ryanne Cruz said...

I LOVE your aprons....will for sure enter to win one :D

NatKat said...

Your aprons are beyond cute, your colors and patterns are just amazing a beautiful mix of retro and modern, LOVE THEM!

waydeb said...

Your aprons are absolutely fantastic-really beautiful, fun, and look to be very well made. I dont remember my granny having anything as cute as these!!!

Trish said...

Your aprons are super cool. Maybe too cool ;) How do I decide??