Monday, June 22, 2009

Long Time No Post

Sorry about that, here are a few updates!

We have a facebook page, become a fan! The photo uploader isn't working and hasn't been for a while. The server times out everytime I try to upload pics...will attempt to upload some later. Anyway, the page has a nifty events calendar on the side, so if you want to know when our next show is, take a look!

We also decided that our twitter and fb page will be to alert you of new blog posts/giveaways ONLY... maybe a tweet here and then about a new fabric. Only newsworthy stuff. Not sure many of you would be interested in hearing what I ate for lunch. (Perhaps I'm the only tweeter out there who is actually scared of boring my 'followers').

We're trying to line up some giveaways for you guys. We've had so many offers-- Boojiboo is very flattered, we really do appreciate your interest in us. Wish we could accept them all!

Other than the giveaways, the head cheese of Boojiboo has been sewing up a storm. The apron stock has been quite pathetic as of late, and the next craft show/festival is coming up in late August! It's the Harvest Festival in Las Vegas!
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An FAQ page will be put together soon as well. Until then, check out our shop policies, you might just get the answer to your question! If it isn't answered there, feel free to e-mail us.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
-boojiboo :)

PS: PLEASE do not e-mail us offering ad space. Boojiboo has decided to NOT pay for advertisements at the moment.

and PLEASE do not leave a comment asking for donations or redirecting traffic to your own giveaway/blog/blog post. It will be deleted, so don't even yourself some time. The poodle is watching you!

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